Monday, February 4, 2008

Tender Greens in Culver City

I happened to be walking by Tender Greens and noticed a line (right next to ford's filling station which i hear is good). Very popular restaurant. Casual. I decided to try it. Simple menu of salads and 4 different sandwiches (flatiron, chicken, ahi tuna and oxnard vegetables). 2 choices of soup (chicken with lemon thyme and roasted tomato). $10 for salad and sandwich. I ordered the flatiron sandwich and caesar salad for $10. Cold day, so i felt like having a chicken soup for $4. So I spent a total of $15.14 including tax, not that cheap for fast food. Ordered it to go. The service was as bad as the food. You have to first order by the entrance door and then walk thru to the other side to pay for the food and pick up. The flat iron steak was so plain and dry and had some gristle that i had to spit out- it had too much roasted bell pepper that was overwhelming with hardly and aioli. They just dumped the sandwich in the middle of the salad (already tossed with dressing). The caesar salad had hardly any sauce and was bland. It certainly was not a caesar salad. Was that real parmesan cheese on the salad? No, I don't think so. Why did they call their restaurant Tender Greens? Is their specialty salad or something? Soup was mostly broth and hardly any chicken or vegetables and by the way, I didn't taste any lemon thyme which was in the title of the chicken soup. I could have just bought a can of swanson's chicken broth and made a better soup for a lot less money. I didn't get why this restaurant was so popular. I will not go there ever again. My money could be better spent elsewhere.