Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Dark Night Movie

i saw the 'dark night' opening day at the vista theatre in los feliz. i couldn't wait to see it only because i like christian bale a lot, especially from the first batman which i had not seen since its release. i barely got in after waiting in a line for 20 minutes and had the worst seat in the movie theatre in the front row right side. the story and special effects were good, but i did not like the fact that christian bale had this weird fake voice when he converted from bruce wayne to batman - he sounded like he was mumbling to me and i couldn't tell if it was because of the seats we were sitting in or if it was intentionally supposed to be like that. i had a hard time understanding what little lines he did have in the movie. i certainly did not remember this effect from the first batman. also, some scenes in the movie were not so smooth and cut over too fast to the next scene in which the audience was supposed to pick up what happened. overall, i was disappointed in the movie, especially since it had been hyped up so much. i do have to say that heath ledgers performance was very good. it was also very long, 2.5 hours. geez.

i am so glad that katie holmes was replaced by maggie gyllenhaal. katie holmes was the only part in the first batman movie that was terrible. maggie gyllenhaal actually looked similar to katie holmes in some scenes.