Monday, November 19, 2007

Beowulf 3d Imax at universal amc

saw beowulf 3d imax at universal on saturday. went there saturday at 3 to watch 4 pm show. both 4 pm and 7 pm show were already sold out. i purchased tix for 10 pm show. $5 for parking. Pay $10 parking and get $5 credit with movie tix purchase. ins and outs are allowed, same day. if all movies are sold out for that day, parking voucher is issued for another day, but no refunds on parking, according to the parking attendant.

beowulf was very entertaining. 3d effects weren't as impressive as i thought it would be. although it could have been the seat i was sitting at at the top right corner. i still remember captain eo (starring michael jackson) at disneyland which was great in 3d.