Monday, November 26, 2007

Factor's Deli on Pico

Factor's deli yesterday night for dinner (on pico, couple of blocks west of robertson). Nice, casual restaurant. Ordered Matzo ball soup ($5.95 for a bowl). Around $13 for most typical sandwiches - I ordered the corned beef. Very tasty. Service wasn't too good yesterday - our server seemed fake friendly enough. I can understand if they run out of bagel chips but no other "bread/crackers" was even offered by our server (and she never passed by for another 10 minutes) after serving our soup, so I had to ask another server who kindly brought us melba crackers and saltines. My sandwich was served but our server quickly left and did not even offer to bring dijon mustard/horseradish and I didn't get a chance to ask for it. Am i the first customer to have mustard/horseradish with my sandwich?
Both sandwich and soup were very good.