Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Favorite Clothing/Shoe Sales which I always visit

American Rag on La Brea (February and August): Has cute shoes, vintage clothing that don't smell as much (cleaner than most re-used stores) - usually cute shoes on sale with mark downs of 30% on first day and get additional mark downs over time, pass on clothing sales which are expensive

LF Stores (Larchmont and Santa Monica) - Similar to Urban Outfitters but much more expensive. Everything was 60% off in the store which started mid-August.

Fred Segal (begins last weekend in September) - original prices totally marked up; prices seem more reasonable at sale but still can be expensive. Santa Monica and West Hollywood locations.

Barney's Warehouse Semi Annually at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica (February and August): hit or miss, expensive first couple of days, then additional mark downs over the coming week.

Loehmann's (August and February) - imports from Italy from major designers at semi-reasonable prices, however can be expensive but discounted significantly from original designer prices.

YOOX - - Great place to find designer stuff. Always has sales items and gets new stuff quite often. No designer fakes sold here.