Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hair Cut - Vidal Sassoon Academy

Although this is not my regular place to get a hair cut, I've been coming here off and on for over 10 years. Have gotten some really terrible haircuts (it was a creative class) and some very good haircuts (classic class) by the actual instructors there. Hit or miss. I made an appointment to get a haircut a couple of months ago (it was a refresher class for hair stylist who already have their license). It was the worst experience. There were 12 student stylists, 12 hair models and 1 instructor. Each stylist was assigned to a hair model. The teacher goes around to each student stylist and their hair model with the other 11 stylists as onlookers.

The instructor finally came to my chair. I had explained to both my student stylist and to the instructor specifically that I wanted to keep my hair long with some layering. The instructor did not listen and would not even compromise. First she suggested that I cut over 8 inches off. I said no way. Then she said 6 inches trying to make it seem as if she was compromising. I said no way. She said that cutting my hair would be a benefit for my stylist (learning experience) several times. Apparently the student stylist would not learn anything if the stylist actually cut my hair the way I wanted it. I was the customer and the customer is always right. We went back and forth (as all 12 stylist were watching) trying to compromise, but she didn't budge. So I left, very upset and got my $25 back and didn't get a hair cut.

Prices for Hair Cut: $25 Saturday& Sunday (no student discount)
$21 M-F (half-price with student id card)

Can anyone recommend a reasonbly, priced good hair salon/stylist in Los Angeles (preferably Hollywood, West Hollywood area)?