Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Take on Iphone and LG VX 8700

The Iphone is great. Quite frankly, it has made me even lazier because now I don't have to actually walk to my computer to browse the web. I sit on my bed or couch watching tv while browsing the web on my iphone. Coverage for phone and edge (Cingular's internet) is pretty good on Cingular - I live in Los Angeles. However, I often get the message "circuits are busy, please try again" when I call NY. Also, a call was dropped today. Never ever happened to me with Verizon. I don't use the Iphone for phone conversation usually because I can't hear the other person unless I'm in a very quiet place. Holding the phone to the ear gets very tiring for calls lasting more than a minute so it is best advised to use a bluetooth headset. . I like the google map feature which is helpful (it is not a navigation system). The Edge network (defaults to Edge when WiFi is not available) is very slow; also can not talk and browse internet at the same time. Thru Wi-Fi, I was able to browse the internet, listen to music and talk to someone via speakerphone all at the same time. Great technology.

I mainly use my Verizon LG VX 8700 to talk to people which I love. This LG phone has 2 MP camera and takes great outdoor pics (terrible indoor/anywhere with bad lighting). You can upload pictures wirelessly on to your computer via bluetooth. It now seems inconvenient for me to even upload pics thru a card reader. You can upload your own mp3 files using a microSD card and a card reader. Sound is great and speakerphone is loud. Very slim, no bulge in your pocket. I paired it with the Plantronics 260 stereo headset. Can listen to music and answer phone calls interchangeably. The Plantronics Pulsar 260 is a bitch to untangle every time you want to use it (retractable cord would be nice). I would not recommend. It claims to have a bluetooth range of 30 feet. I had the phone in my left pocket and the Pulsar 260 in the opposite pocket and songs would pause. Apparently bluetooth range is less than 2 feet. I thought it was my particular set, so I ordered a new one. Same thing happened with second set.

Cingular vs. Verizon Los Angeles coverage. I'd have to say Verizon's coverage is much better. Both have different coverage. I'll check the number of bars on my Iphone (Cingular) and LG vs 8700 at the same time. Sometimes I'll have more bars on Cingular Iphone than Verizon's LG vx 8700, vice versa. It all depends on where you are, but the reason I'd say that Verizon is much better is because I've never had a dropped phone call with Verizon, even with spotty coverage. I had a dropped call recently with Cingular's Iphone - I had full coverage at that time. I thought it was the other person's phone (t-mobile pearl), but they too had full coverage. Hmmm, go figure. I've also had the message "all circuits are busy, please try again" quite often when calling someone in NY on Cingular's network. I'm pretty sure it was Cingular because after attempting several times and getting the same recorded message, I called with my Verizon phone and the call went thru immediately. Whenever I used my Verizon phone to call this person in NY, I've always gotten thru.