Monday, April 21, 2008

Fairfax Silent Movie Theatre

Stopped by the fairfax silent movie theatre saturday afternoon. tickets were $10 for a double feature including the movie "the verdict" and "three strangers" both released in 1946 and starring peter lorre. i only saw the second movie "three strangers". apparently, the description of the movie was 'one of the forgotton films of the 1940's and ....never screened on dvd or vhs. to be quite frank, i didn't like this movie at all. it was one of those movies that unsuccessfully tried to be suspenseful and the story didn't seem to flow too well. i didn't really care about the characters 20 minutes into the film. had this been a rental, i would have turned it off. i don't think anyone who's even seen the film was too upset when it dissapeared. the theatre was small but a nice touch was the first 2 rows of sectional (maximum 2 people) leather couches. i also thought the $10 movie ticket was pricey, especially for a saturday matinee.