Sunday, April 27, 2008

Some of Nancy Silverton's brand recommendations from 'A twist of the wrist"

if you can find them....

bacon - niman ranch bacon or neuske's bacon
basil pesto - rustichella d'abruzzo, la bella angiolina, pesto ligure
beets- jarred beets instead of canned, aunt nellie's whole ruby red beets
black olives-nicoise, saracen, taggiasche, all pitted
breadcrumbs- artesian baked breadcrumbs by heaven scent, sold at whole foods
broth-trader joes' free range chicken broth
feta- french brand, valbreso and bulgarian feta
greek yogurt-fage total at trader joe's
green chile salsa-mark miller's green chile salsa, rick bayless's tomatillo salsa, whole foods roasted green chile salsa
green olives- lucques and picholine
mayonnaise - bestfoods (hellmans is the same on the east coast
old bay seasoning- for steamed and boiled seafood dishes
paprika - pimenton de la vera from spain
pasta sauce-rustichella d'abruzzo
red pepper paste - trader joes red pepper spread, rustichella d'abruzzo red pepper pesto, zergut hot or mild, crema di peperoni from ag ferrari
ricotta - giola in los angeles, di palos cow's milk ricotta in new york
san marzano tomatoes
soup - trader joe's boxed soup (corn, butternut squash, roasted red pepper and tomato)