Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Foodland Farms - Mauna Lani / Fairmont Hotel Entrance

Foodland farms is the so-called 'gourmet', upscale grocery on the kohala side. you have to enter through the mauna lani hotel street. it reminds me of bristol farms but with a different name. separate deli section serving sandwiches/paninis and pastas and beef shortibs (all less than $10), dessert section, sushi ssection and seafood section serving every imaginable poke version you can think of. boneless beef shortribs was not too good, neither was the macaroni-potato salad which just tasted like a glob of mayonnaise. i'm a big fan of macaroni salad and i've noticed that macaroni salad in hawaii has always too much mayonnaise flavor. i purchased shoyu poke ($6.99 per pound) and california roll (made with real crab meat for $8.99). california roll was average. shoyu poke was good but had an overwhelming sesame oil flavor. i seared it this morning and it tasted much better than when i had purchased it. this place is great alternative to the pricey hotel restaurants. i didn't try the sandwiches but they advertised 'boar's head meat' everywhere. it's also a great place to go if you want to just take your food home and cook it. they had a great looking meat and seafood selection.

side note: tom's of maine toothpaste is $8 at every hawaii grocery store i've been to.