Sunday, April 13, 2008

Microsoft's Ultimate Steal Student Deal - $60 - Expires Soon (4/30/08)

since i had gotten my new dell xps m1330 computer, i had searched for a microsoft office 2007 software student deal. i saw advertisements for $119 for microsoft office basic 2007 (excel, word, powerpoint and one note). i then came across a great microsoft office 2007 deal (microsoft's ultimate deal) during a google search. it is for anyone with a student email ( and includes several microsoft programs (office, excel, powerpoint, outlook, publisher, access, accounting express, groove, onenote, business contacts and manager) for only $60. i couldn't believe the price since the microsoft office professional which usually includes similar programs would normally retail for over $400. i downloaded microsoft's ultimate deal yesterday (download took 30 minutes) plus i paid $12 for a dvd copy. all programs work great. it truly is a good deal. expires 4/30/08.