Thursday, May 15, 2008

24 Hour Fitness - Hollywood - Yoga Stretch Class

So after many years of having a 24 hour fitness gym membership and not using it, i decided to finally use it yesterday. i had originally signed up for a 3 year membership ($750 for 3 years and $50 every year after) many years ago, when the hollywood 24 hour fitness first opened, thinking i would transition into the hollywood 24 hour fitness, from gold's gym in eventually. i never did. i'm one of those people who end up wasting money on gym memberships thinking i'm going to go but never do. i only used the membership once or twice before when the gym first opened (parking was $1 for 3 hours, now it is $1.50 for 2 hours). since then, i stopped going to both gold's gym and 24 hour fitness altogether. i took up yoga instead elsewhere for a couple of years but i eventually stopped doing yoga altogether too.

yesterday, i decided to take the yoga stretch class at 24 hour fitness. having not done yoga in a while, i chose to do the yoga stretch class which i thought would be gentle enough to get me transitioned into doing yoga again. not so. it started off basic enough with the sun salutation but the class became very intense, very quickly. They should change the name from 'yoga stretch' to just 'yoga'.

i might try a couple of other yoga classes at the 24 hour fitness hollywood since it doesn't cost me anything now except $1.50 for parking (2 hours).