Monday, May 12, 2008

Lunch at McDonald's - Calories, fat

i don't eat at mcdonalds too often but decided to have lunch there one day. i ordered mcdonald's chicken selects premium breast strips which don't seem too greasy but are deep fried (5 pieces) and a medium iced coffee (which is probably equivalent to starbuck's large coffee-small sized iced coffee was not an option). mcdonald's has nutrition facts listed on their website so i decided to see what my caloric intake was just for lunch. much to my surprise, the calories for the 5 piece chicken strips were a lot more that i thought at 670 calories (52% calories from fat, 6 g saturated fat). the strips aren't even that big at 134 calories each? my goodness. plus i had 2 southwestern chipoltle bbq sauces at 70 calories (0% calories from fat, 13 grams of sugar) each. the medium regular iced coffee was 200 calories (35% calories from fat, 30 grams of sugar).

total calories i consumed for lunch that day was 1,010. i wasn't even full. i had an urge to go get the chicken strips again yesterday but decided not to. maybe it would be a good idea to post nutrition facts on the menu afterall. portion control and educating yourself is obviously not enough since 5 dinky strips were loaded with so much more calories than i ever imagined.