Monday, May 5, 2008

3rd Street Promenade Shopping

for some reason, i just stopped shopping on 3rd street promenade. perhaps because i can find many of the chain stores on the promenade closer to me (i.e. grove and beverly center). or maybe because of all the street performers (some good, some annoying and obnoxious). i went with a friend here over the weekend to check out the new 2.5 story forever 21, one of the newer additions to the promenade. couldn't find a single thing to buy in forever 21. i am a standard size medium and much of the forever 21 clothes are too small. i can sometimes fit into a large but a medium size is way too tight. the store was much too big to navigate through with every kind of color or style imaginable all over the place, cheaply made. the music was blasting (so you probably end up buying more), but all i wanted to do was get out of there. also, all the clothes were tightly on the rack together so it was even hard to see what the clothing looked like unless you pulled it out of the rack. so annoying.

other stores i stopped by were urban outfitters, anthropologie, gap, old navy, jcrew, banana republic. i didn't buy anything at the other stores either. i'd probably just go back if i had an out of town visitor who likes to shop visit. side note - there are 'no smoking' signs officially posted by the city on the promenade.