Monday, May 19, 2008

Ninendo Wii and Wii Fit

After reading about the Wii fit due to come out this wednesday, i decided to buy the nintendo wii ($250). the nintendo wii comes with a sports game (bowling, tennis, baseball, golf). i tried the bowling and tennis games yesterday. both games were fun and the tennis was more of a workout than bowling, but it's not a replacement for real exercise.

worried that wii fit would be sold out by the time i got off of work on the day it came out on 5/21, i drove to target at 8:00 am to purchase one. yes, i wanted one that bad.

So far, i've spent more money than i ever imagined ($427 including tax) and i still feel like i need more accessories. i haven't even purchased any real wii games yet either.

wii $250 (target)
Wii fit $90 (target)
wii play with extra remote $40 (costco - shooting gallery, Mii-matching game, billiards, air hockey, tank battles, table tennis rally, Mii poses and a cow-riding race.
wii 2 gb sd card $15 (circuit city)
still need classic controller ($34 for 2 pack at costco) since i plan to download classic games like donkey kong using wii points on wii shop. i also want another nunchuck.

Update 6/11 - Wii Fit was a good idea, but i probably will be returning mine. I guess i just got into the hype. i used it only once the first day i got it, almost a month ago. i thought i would especially be using it for yoga, but i'd rather watch a yoga dvd, honestly. i don't like the extra step you have to do your moves on and whenever you're done with a pose, you have to use the large remote control to go back to the main menu.