Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cgv cinemas and Ma dang on western ( between 6th and wilshire)

Formerly the old k-town woolae oak, this shop and dine 'mall' is conveniently located. The restaurant madang is aesthetically pleasing and has good food at a reasonable price (although BBQ at the table is quite expensive at around $30 which seems to be average nowadays.) However, if you want a korean stew such as tofu soup, hot stone bibimbap or or cold noodles such as nang Myun, it will oat $10-15. They also have delicious banchans (side dishes)- the sweet potato salad is my favorite although they do not have it all the time. I even went to the cgv cinemas upstairs and saw a Korean movie titled ' all about my wife'. All Korean movies playing have english subtitles and all English movies have Korean subtitles. TicketS were $11.50. The movie theatre has stadium seating, a large screen and state of the art sound. The seats were comfortable as well. It seems most movie theatres in l.a. Are switching to assigned seating including this one. They only have 3 screens. I would definitely go there again. Get coffee at a Tom-n-toms near by or your hair done at the salon. Free parking with no time limit.