Sunday, December 2, 2012

I love Tatsu Ramen on Sawtelle

When I first tried this place when it first opened, I had one of the hot soup broth ramens which I did not like at all. The broth was too salty and the noodles too doughy while my friend had the no broth naked ramen and raved about it. The next time I went back, I got the naked ramen that my friend raved about which were not the same doughy noodles. From the seasoned egg which they now charge $1 for and seasoned tofu, to the free sweet corn and seeweed and breadcrumbs added, it has kept me coming back and wanting more. Sesame sauce was equally balancing to all the different flavors. The raw garlic is a must add-on. They give you a few garlic cloves and a garlic press. I try to go back there when I can. Since it has a bar setting, I've even eaten there alone when passing thru the area. $9 for ramen with nothing added. Definitely add the seasoned egg. Maybe get 2 or three bc they are so good. Yum.