Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sprinkles cupcake at the grove

Went to the grove on black Friday, the same day sprinkles cupcakes opened. I had never been to sprinkles but had tried it when someone brought a few home from the Beverly hills location last year. I remember it was more delicious compared to some other cupcake stores and not as sweet. Never knew the price until I bought one at the grove for $3.50. Super expensive. Their ordering system is strange and takes a while. They seemed to have the cupcakes in the window already but one person takes the order, then you have to wait 5 minutes for them to call your name to get the cupcake and then you pay. Not efficient at all. Why don't they just get the cupcake you order when you order it like a donut shop? Oh well, I'm sure they have a reason. Their cupcakes are probably pricey due to overhead rather than the price of the ingredients, but I'm sure they are making lots of $$$$. I got the coconut cupcake. It was good but pretty sweet.