Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mendocino farms at 3rd and fairfax- so delicious!

I was so happy when this location opened since it is right it my neighborhood. I used to go to the downtown location often downstairs at the California plaza when I worked there but took a long hiatus from them once I stopped working in there in 2008. My favorites now at this location are the beef or tofu Vietnamese grilled panini sandwich for $9. Not sure if this location has the same menu as the others. I tried a few other sandwiches here such as the Korean short rib ($11.50 and just so so) and kimchee sandwich but I keep on going back to my favorites. Potato salad here is good as well and made with their own bread and butter pickles and slightly spicy. So glad they are doing well and expanding. Parking is free for 1 hr with validation and I have never had a problem finding a space.