Tuesday, June 10, 2008

24 Hour Fitness - Yoga Classes

i've now tried almost every yoga class (except 2 instructors) at the 24 hour fitness in hollywood in a 1 month period.

i prefer some instructors more so than others mostly based on clear instruction and description of poses. a lot depends on the intensity also. sometimes i'm not in the mood for intense yoga workout which most of the classes i tried were. i did try debbie's class last saturday which i enjoyed - she was a good instructor and i liked her because she did all the poses with the class. since i've only tried 1 of her classes, i don't know if all her classes less intense than other classes i've tried there so far.
i definitely liked trevor's class (his class is on friday at 6 pm and sunday at noon). i've tried not to miss it since i started doing yoga again. i also thought melanie was good too (6 am on monday and wednesday) but it's difficult for me to get up that early to make it to her classes plus i'm so sore right after trevor's sunday class which makes it even more difficult for me to go to her monday 6 am class. The classes are only 1 hour, so i'm in and out. i only wished i started using my 24 hour fitness membership years ago.