Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Seoul Garden on Olympic (2 blocks east of Alvarado on Bonnie Brae)

korean shabu shabu (genghis khan). i love this place. it's $23.99 per person for the standard shabu shabu (meat). mostly korean clientele and the servers speak very little english, but enough to serve someone who doesn't speak korean. they give tons of thin sliced (very marbled) meat with separate plate of a mound of vegetables. one pot is shared among the entire table. a small salad and traditional korean side dishes are served as well (kimchee, etc). you cook the meat with the accompanying vegetables in the pot. after you are done eating the meat and vegetables, a server comes by with a small side of noodles and adds it to your remaining broth. when you are done eating the noodles, rice is then added to the remaining broth along with sesame oil and seaweed flakes. a refreshing sweet rice tea is served at the end as well. so yummy. i got there around 6 pm and we were seated right away, but at the end of our meal, we were rushed out and there was a wait.

free valet parking behind the restaurant (enter on bonnie brae). very easy to miss.

1833 w. olympic blvd. (at bonnie brae)
los angeles, ca 90006