Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Woo Lae Oak on La Cienaga

Yesterday I went to woo lae oak for dinner having not been there in over a year. i got there at 5:50 pm. they have a new happy hour from 4-6 pm every day, so i got there right in time to try it out. $3 small beers (ob, hite). $6 specialty martini (lychee-tini, sake, grape-tini). $5 red or white wine. $5 appetizers (tempura, spinach leaf wrapped around real crab meat (their specialty according to the waiter), baby back ribs, bbq skewers, jap chae (glass noodles), chicken wings, mandu (wontons).

i had the lychee-tini (very tasty and sweet). i also decided to order the shrimp mandu (wontons), tempura, spinach wrapped around crab meat, chicken wings. they were out of the bbq baby back ribs unfortunately. portions were small except for the shrimp/vegetable tempura (only 2 chicken wings of white meat part, 3 spinach/crap meat pieces about 3 inches long and 1/2 inch diameter, 4 small wonton pieces). i glanced at the real menu and notice the spinach-crabmeat crepes were normally $14 which probably is served as a larger portion. i felt like it was still a good deal regardless of the small portions since i was able to try a variety of foods. i will definitely go there again.

i also ordered the kalbi ($28) and bulgogi ($24) - bbq beef comes with unlimited rice, small salad, kim chee, thin slices of daikon and broccoli/sprouts lightly seasoned. i guess i felt like splurging just because i hadn't been there in so long.