Sunday, June 29, 2008

Nintendo Wii Fit Refunded

i only used the wii fit once to try it out and never used it again. for me, it was one of those products that would probably just end up collecting dust somewhere in your home. i put all parts back in the packaging the same way it came in as best i could. since i had purchased my wii fit at target, i had assumed the return policy was the same as everything else (90 days). not so. the target employees' gave me a hard time since it was considered an electronic item. it was practically unreturnable since i had used it once (how else was i suppose to know if i liked it or not?) the large sign the employee pointed to stated "some items cannot be returned if opened...". some items? of course, the wii fit was not explicitly stated on their return policy. the employee said that they would not be able to resell it (which i did not believe since it was in practically new condition and a very in demand product). the employee called the manager who he said would be able to make the final decision. a manager came and asked the employee if all parts were inside and if so, to give me a refund. thank goodness. i really didn't see them having a problem reselling it. whew!