Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hollywood and Highland

Does anyone actually go here to shop? i can only imagine going shopping there or watching a movie if i lived near by or wanted to take out of town guests. yesterday, i went to exchange a $20 item at The Gap for a different size that i had put on hold. crowded as usual and heavy traffic and it was a tuesday night. i can only imagine what a nightmare it is on the weekend. i was too cheap to park inside ($2 for 4 hours) since i only wanted to run in and exchange the item and it was only $20. i drove around looking for parking and finally found one after 20 minutes 5 blocks away (i probably ended up wasting more money in terms of gas). although the area is supposedly getting better in terms of higher end stores moving into the area, i find the area still in need of much improvement. i walked about 5 blocks and there was either a homeless person on every block either asking for change or talking to himself out loud. i did not feel safe, even with the presence of cops driving by. i was constantly watching behind me to see if anyone was going to attack me from behind. i'm not going to be cheap about parking next time.