Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Halloween Horror Nights - Universal Studios Hollywood

Prices normally $51, but with Coke Discount:

Oct 5 Fri,6 Sat, 28 Sun, 31 Wed - $29
Oct 12 Fri, 13 Sat, 19 Fri, 26 Sat - $41
Oct 20 Sat, 27 Sat - $46

Coke upc 496580

hmmm, i might go now.

Oct 5, 28 7pm - 12 am
Oct 6, 12, 31 7 pm - 1 am
Oct 13, 19, 20, 26, 27 - 7pm - 2am

Update: I actually went yesterday, 10/6. It was fun. Lots of teenage kids. I felt old. Parking was a drag and we had to take a shuttle to and from. I should have just said that I was going to watch a movie. I love roller coasters. Mummy ride was a bit scary for me since I did not know what to expect-it was so fast and it goes forward and then backwards at a high speed in the dark- it seemed as if the ride ended in 1 minute-too short to compensate for the 30 minute wait in line. Magic show was a bit of a disappointment. Tram ride was fun. You get off and walk thru the set of psycho and war of the worlds (live actors in costumes try to scare you while you're walking thru). T2 3-d show was ok, but they make you watch a boring 10 minute film before you sit down and watch the actual t2 show. Chainsaw massacre sound was a bit annoying after a while. Haunted house maze was good. There are other attractions that we didn't do. We got there around 7:30 pm and left around 11 pm. We did not have to wait more than 30 minutes. The longest wait was for the mummy ride. It's something to do and was worth the $29 i paid.