Saturday, October 6, 2007


Ordered another Tivo box yesterday (80 hour dual tuner), but had to subscribe for at least a year. I don't have cable or satellite, so I subscribe thru Tivo directly. I had an 80 hour Tivo last year since 8/1/06 for $83.40. It came with a free 80 hour (not dual) Tivo plus 1 year of service. Tax was an additional $18.15. My 1 year expired last year, so now I am paying $10.95 a month. Once I get my new Tivo, I'm going to cancel my old montly subcription. I'm going to try and network my 2 tivo's together, so I can watch my recorded shows on my second tv, without having to pay a monthly fee for the second tivo. I hear it can be done, but have yet to try. I hope it works.

Tivo had a promotion yesterday. The Tivo dual tuner tivo box was free but I had to subscribe for a year. This tivo box can record 2 analog shows at once or one analog and one digital. I believe I only have analog, so I should have no problem. I decided on a 1 year prepaid subscription of $179, rather than paying $16.95 per month for a year. Tax was $20.62. Total charged was $199.62.

My next purchase will be a slingbox. I saw the slingbox tuner/slingbox av on for $109. This would be great for someone on the go or frequent traveller since you can watch your recorded tv shows on your computer anywhere as long as you have an internet connected computer. This would be great for me if I watched my recordings at work. Just an idea. I don't travel enough to justify this purchase just yet. I have a laptop, but it is not lightweight so I never carry it around.