Monday, October 15, 2007

My new tivo machine (dual recorder, 80 hours)

My new tivo with dual tuner is great. It can record 2 analog shows at the same time or 1 analog & 1 digital at the same time. I have analog. You can also be recording a show and watch live tv at the same time. I purchased this 2nd tivo because of the dual tuner and also so i can connect my original tivo to the new one. I wanted to be able to watch my recordings from my 1st tivo on my 2nd tivo. It is possible to network. All you need is a network card ($59.99 at circuit city) for each tivo machine. I set it up fine. However, I was a little disappointed. It didn't do what I thought it was going to do. The 1st tivo machine shows up on your "now playing list". When you select the 1st tivo on your 2nd tivo, it shows all your listings on the 1st tivo. You can't watch it right away; you actually have to transfer the show from the 1st tivo to the 2nd tivo which takes a while (more like real time). You can also transfer many at the same time (the shows sits in a queque). I was going to cancel my original subscription and just use the tivo network to watch on the 2nd tv, rather than having 2 tivo subscriptions, but I like the dual tuner so much that I'm probably going to keep it now and subscribe to both.

I paid $179 + 20 tax for 1 year pre-subscription, but got the tivo for free.