Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bialetti Mukka Express Cappuccino Maker Warranty

Since I had purchased my Mukka Cappuccino maker over a year ago, I have had a cup of cappuccino almost every day since. Although it is available in many stores (Crate and barrel, Bed, Bath and Beyond, etc), I purchased mine from Williams-Sonoma who is the only store that sells the Mukka with a black bottom. My first purchase was 11/2006 and approximately 6 months later, the black bottom layer started to peel off. I took it back to Williams-Sonoma and they exchanged it with a new one with no questions asked. The next Mukka black bottom started to peel and bubble also many months later. I contacted the manufacturer (Bradshaw International, 800-421-6290)instead of Williams Sonoma and they said they would replace the black bottom with a steel bottom. Their only request was to send a picture of the black bottom. I sent a photo on 3/3/08 and received a whole new Mukka with a steel bottom including the top one week later. They also sent me a letter thanking me for informing them of that problem. That was really nice of them.