Monday, March 31, 2008

Vito's Pizza - LaCienaga (Between Santa Monica and Melrose)

Although the flavors of the pizza and crust texture is great, they seem to have a problem with burning the bottom of the pizza crust which gives the pizza a bitter burnt taste. it is almost is happening on a regular basis unfortunately (well, at least the last couple of times i've been there). the crust is so thin that you can't remove the burnt parts easily. i passed on the pizza this time and ordered the chicken parmesan sandwich ($9) on a french roll. they burned part of the french roll too. do they even know about this problem? tomato sauce on top of the chicken parmesan was delicious and had lots of garlic. albano's brooklyn pizza on melrose is now enzo pizza which i have yet to try. too bad albano's closed down - they had some good pizza. i might start going to pizza hut.