Saturday, March 22, 2008

Original Pantry Restaurant

Right before the lakers game, i ate at the pantry. even though i used to work only a block away, i never thought about coming here to eat. i had eaten there a couple of times many years prior and wasn't impressed. there was a line full of people waiting to get a table. i was able to get a seat right away at the bar. i had a philly cheesesteak ($11) and i remembered why i did not come here, because it wasn't so great. i saw the chef cooking many things people in the restaurant had ordered, since the large grill was in front of my seat. one steak grossed me out, it was brown-gray colored before placed on the grill and did not look fresh at all. i had purchased a red steak from ralph's once and the next day it turned to brown-gray color and it didn't smell that great either. i'm positive that the person who ordered that steak probably had no idea, but then again, i'm sure i've been served many a times brown-gray colored steaks that was masked in color by the searing. also, the color of the cooked green beans that came with the plate dinners reminded me of elementary school green beans. i almost lost my appetite. on the upside, the coleslaw was good.