Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lakers Game Yesterday at Staples Center

i hadn't been to a lakers game since i left my last job 4 years ago, which used to provide free VIP tickets via raffle whenever they weren't being used by a marketer. although i wasn't much of a sports fan, the ambience was always fun. Lakers played the seattle supersonics. lakers won (130-105). lakers were leading pretty much 10-15 points from the get go. i left before the game ended but it was announced that everyone in the audience would receive 2 free taco coupons from jack in the box if the lakers won with at least 100 points or more. it was obvious the supersonics were not going to catch up during the 4th quarter. the free coupon wasn't enough for anyone to stay until the end. many people started to leave during half of the 4th quarter. our seats were located in front of one side of the basket, so it was even hard to search for stars, something i always used to do with binoculars. of course, i did spot jack.