Friday, March 21, 2008

Day Off Today - Shopping Extravaganza

Today i got the day off since it was considered a holiday (good friday). i shopped right after getting my car back at 11. i took a 2 month hiatus from shopping. i almost forgot about loehmanns since i don't seem to get any coupons from them emailed to me. the beverly hills location expanded - the men's section is no longer there (moved to beverly connection) - there is more of a selection of handbags and accesories, almost overwhelming. shoe department is the same. i did not find a single thing to buy despite the large selection and new arrivals of some italian items. they had several items from philosophy di alberta ferreti but were expensive (eg. $500 suites marked down from $1500). please. my next stop was h&m in the beverly center. i could not find anything interesting and only purchased 3 white plain tank tops for $6 after over 1.5 hours searching. lots of same stuff as last year, a lot of black tops, some colored designs. boring. luckily, i don't really have to buy any new clothes since the styles are the same. last stop was marshalls at the beverly connection. purchased a dana buchman black short trench for $60 but it has a leopard print inside. yuck. well at least i have 30 days to decide whether to refund it or not.