Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bloomingdales Private Sale

Not really private sale. Bloomingdales big semi annual sale going on until friday, march 28th. i received coupons in the mail ($25 off/$100 or more. the beverly center location had some jeans for an additional 40% off clearance and regular jeans. i found some lightweight ginger stretch 7 for all mankind jeans - normally $187 marked down to $157 plus an additional 40% off ($95). the sales person in the denim area said the $25 coupon didn't apply to premium denim as stated in the fine print. i walked to the lingerie dept. all clearance lingerie's were an additional 50%. i found a brassiere for $6, reduced from $28 to $12. now that's a steal-i practically got the jeans half off, but still was expensive. my total was $100 and the salesperson (she could care less what the jeans were - premium or not, whatever) in the lingerie department gave me the $25 off. i also purchased a pair of $119 raybans with the $25 off - total with tax was $101. show your receipt of spending more than $100 before tax and you get a $15 bloomingdales gift card (can be used for anything including cosmetics) to be used from march 29th thru april 13th. I spent $180 not including tax and only got one $15 off card.

updated 4/5 - so yesterday, i decided to return a pair of white sleepwear shorts that i bought for very cheap $6.75, since they were too see-through for me. since i used the coupon, i was only refunded $5.20 (23% less than what i paid because of the coupon). it doesn't make sense to me because my total even without the shorts was over $100 and i would have still gotten the $25 off. it's the principal of the matter.
i also refunded the sunglasses and the salesperson asked for the $15 gift card back and if i didn't have it, she would have to subtract $15 from my refund. i told her that i only got 1 gift card with 2 receipts and my total was still over $100. she gave me a total refund, but what a hassle.