Thursday, December 27, 2007

After Christmas Sales

So I went to Saks Fifth Avenue the day before and after Christmas after hearing all discounted shoes (all clearance items actually) would be an additional 50% off after Christmas from 8 am to 12 pm. Parking wasn't too bad although it looked bad - there are just a lot of lame drivers out there who either drive really slow and/or don't know where to go and need direction. Shoe racks were full the day before Christmas (actually, shopping wasnt too bad in Beverly Hills surprisingly). The day after Christmas, I arrived around 11 am. Shoe racks were almost empty; hardly anything left. Long shoe line to purchase, hoards of women surrounding salespeople to get the other shoe mate. It was basically a madhouse. I didn't find anything. After 12 pm, leftover shoes were an additional 40% off.

I walked over to Neiman Marcus (definitely not as crowded since it was only an additional 25% off clearance items.) I did overhear a shoe salesperson offering an additional 40% off to someone purchasing shoes.

I then walked to Barneys. I had been to Barneys the day before Christmas. Barney's had the same items for sale at the same price before and after Christmas. No additional markdowns. I mainly was in the jeans for sale section. All types marked down to $99-$139 from $150-250. Still expensive but slightly better selection and price in denim than Saks or Neiman. Selection of cute, fashionable Barneys shoes/handbags on sale were limited but pricey still even after the markdowns. Some shoes are so weird looking that I often wonder who would pay so much for such a weird looking shoe that would be out of style in no time, if it ever was in style in the first place.

My opinion goes the same for some handbags too and some are so goddamn heavy to begin with, once you add your things too it, it becomes a drag to carry around. Why don't high-end designers make lighter handbags? There are very few out there that are fashionable. An example would be Marc Jacobs line. I saw the regular priced handbags that were very pricey ($1200-1800) but all were too heavy. Even prada's line was too heavy. Geez. Nice styles but so not functional. Too bad.

I was so tired at the end of my 2 hour shopping extravaganza, I went home and took a nap.