Friday, December 14, 2007

Las Vegas 1 day trip to see Celine Dion's A New Day

It was totally worth flying out and coming back the same night just to see celine. I had so much fun. Everything went perfectly as planned except for our return flight home which was delayed for 45 minutes. Celine dion's A New Day show was amazing-probably the best show I've seen in vegas. The dancers and special effects were great. The governor of las vegas happened to be at the show also - apparently, he had honored her earlier, so she announced a special thanks to him. He and his wife had seats in the very front row. i even bought her cd for $22. i'm glad i did not miss her Las Vegas show and it's too bad i waited 5 years to see it. This was a show i would have seen again and again. I even won $152 playing blackjack with only $20 to begin. What luck!