Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dylan's Candy at Saks

Saks had candy (christmas and nonhalf priced all day. I had stayed at a hotel in NY in december and dylan's gummi bears were in the hotel room bar for $13. I was tempted but didn't purchase it. I saw it for half price at the saks sale and decided to purchase it there. I usually just buy the haribo gummi bears at rite aid for $1.79, but dylans was in a small plastic pail so nicely presented and had a selection of different colors/flavors from the usual selection (blue and purple gummi bears?) and plus more quantity of gummi bears. The price of $6.50 was reasonable, so I purchase it. my verdict - i was happy with my purchase since dylan's gummi bears are soft and delicious, especially the blue and purple ones.