Thursday, December 20, 2007

NY Extended Weekend Getaway - Dec 15-18

NY was a lot of fun. It was very cold. Too crowded everywhere, but very holiday spirited, especially around midtown (saks fifth avenue window and cartier store are very festive). Saw Nutcraker (NY City Ballet) on Sunday ($45 tickets for 4th level seating which was the best available at the time of purchase, but i was still able to enjoy it). tickets sold out eventually. Saw ny knicks game on monday night against indiana pacers. ny knicks lost by quite a bit. a guy holding a "fire isaiah" sign immediately was kicked out by security guards the second he showed the sign". It was during the last final minutes of the 4th quarter, so it wasn't a big deal since knicks were far behind the pacers. i saw spike lee sitting in the front row - there is always a picture of him at a knicks game in all those entertainment magazines, so it was expected to see him there. got to show support thru the good and bad times or else you'll be called a "bandwagoner" if you suddenly become a big fan when they do really well. too bad knicks haven't been doing too well lately.