Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Virgin America Flight

I just came back from a roundtrip LAX to JFK flight. Virgin America seemed more spacious and technologically advanced than the airline I usually fly, American. My flights to and from JFK were both delayed, 1.5 hours to jfk and 0.5 hours from jfk, which was slightly annoying. Service was good. You can order free non alcoholic drinks or alcoholic drinks ($5) right from your computer screen at your seat. Drinks came within 10 minutes of ordering. I also ordered a beef/mozarella cheese with pesto sauce for $9. Took about 15 minutes to arrive. Beef tenderloin was ok quality. Taste was pretty good for airline food, although sandwich would have tasted much better panini pressed. Sandwich also came with a mini toblerone. yum.

entertainment was good - they had recently released movies to choose from, but movies must be purchased for $8 using your credit card right in the screen slot. movie selection included: bourne ultimatum, superbad, knocked up and ratatoullie. free movies were offered at the bottom of the movie selection but were movies that i never heard of or the one i selected called "elevator girl" was a short 5 minute film.

you can select radio or albums or watch music videos. All types of different music options. music video selection was limited.

tv was not very good. i was only able to watch 4-5 channels out of 20 - error message on most although cnn, oxygen, etc were listed. sci-fi channel was always available and a channel called 'current'. didn't use much of the tv. i watched premium tv (free) which were mostly single episodes of some current tv shows available. example included 1-2 episodes from shows american dad, the office, scrubs, two and a half men. it got old quickly.

lots of options on virgin america, but i just wished more of the tv worked and more episodes were available on premium tv. $8 charge for movie was slightly high.

you can chat with another seat from your seat; also, you can play a selected number of games.

i don't think it was enough for me to use them again and again for future flights but if i get a great deal like the one i got for this flight, i definitely would. the delays were really bad.

side note: make sure you're on the right flight. apparently the jfk-sfo and jfk-lax were on the same runway and the jfk-sfo boarded right before the jfk-lax. there was a girl in front of me who realized she was on the wrong flight once the person who was assigned to that seat came. i guess virgin doesnt scan or check b/c how come no one told her that this was the wrong flight for her? what if no one was assigned in the same seat as her and she ended up flying to lax? it's a good thing someone was assigned to that seat.