Friday, December 28, 2007

After Christmas Sale - Bloomingdales

Apparently, the Bloomingdales in Century City had drastic markdowns after Christmas (additional 50% off already mark downed prices). The selection for both shoes and clothing were slim but very good deals. I wanted to purchase something so bad yesterday, but couldn't find anything that was the right size. I think if i were there the day after christmas, i probably would have had a better chance, but I was too busy shopping at saks. oh well, no big deal.

Surprisingly, century city mall was empty last night. I ate at one of the newer fast food places (i think it replaced a burger chain). It was Lawry's Carvery A Cut Above. Menu prices were:
Prime Rib Sandwich $14
Roast beef Sandwiches $9-10
Turkey Sandwiches $9
Brisket Sandwiches $10

Platter meals (served with 2 sides-choice of macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, creamed corn)
prime rib $15-25 depending on 6 oz, 9 oz or 12 oz cut
turkey, brisket, or roast beef au jus $13

Since it was not too busy, the carver let me try a bit of the prime rib, roast beef and brisket. All were very good, but I decided on the roast beef. It was just as tasty but $4 less than the price of the prime rib. The brisket would have been fine as well.

I had the roast beef bleu sandwich (with bleu cheese) along with mac and cheese. Very tasty sandwich but not too impressed with the mac and cheese and would definitely not order it again. Too bad they don't have their tasty creamed spinach on the menu. They have the absolute best.