Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Amoeba Music in Hollywood

I stopped by Amoeba yesterday because at i had a gift certificate. Despite all the music downloading and discount stores carrying a wide selection of music, this place seems to have a lot of business- people are actually buying music and dvd's there. since i like a lot of mainstream music, i can find albums i like at discount stores like target and best buy for less. however, i really don't shop for music too often. perhaps people go there since it has such a large selection and older/harder to find albums. Amoeba also has a large selection of used cd's and dvd's which are guaranteed to play perfectly. i've had some problems with used cd's, so i stopped buying them. You can return the used item for a store credit within 7 days if not perfect. I'm surprised that Virgin Megastore on sunset and cresent heights is going out of business but i did stop going there since i was in high school, when it first opened. purchased the following (all new):

nadia-the movie $10
joni mitchell hits $17
modern lovers $13
Shangri las - Leader of the pack $15
jesus and mary chain 21 singles $17
mary j blige what's the 411 $9
aretha franklin hits $9
tori amos under the pink $11

be careful of the newer photo enforced light at the corner of cahuenga and sunset. i know someone who got a ticket from that corner recently and the penalty was $159, not including $10 fee and traffic school.