Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Vito's Pizza in West Hollywood on La Cienaga (south of Santa Monica Blvd)

I used to go to the Vito's across the street from LACC. I loved the white pizza and the calzones. It was very cheap too. One day, it closed for remodeling and never re-opened. Another pizza place took it's place and was absolutely terrible. I thought Vito's closed for good but had recently read that Vito's was now in West Hollywood. I had the urge to try it since I had missed the white pizza. I try white pizza whenever i see it on any italian/pizza menu and had never had one as good as vito's. I went to vito's yesterday. It now looks cleaner and is located in a mini-mall. Individual slices were $2.50 and i am happy to say that the white pizza is the same as how i remember it from its old location. i wanted to order the calzone also, but the prices were ridiculous at $15. It used to be around $6 at the old location. oh well, no big deal.