Monday, January 21, 2008

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead - Movie

I just saw this movie at the Beverly Center. It was an ok movie, but should have been edited to make it shorter. Some parts really dragged on unfortunately. $9.50 adult, $7.50 student. They seem to have all the leftover movies.

Also, Beverly Center increased their parking fees recently. As i left the elevator on the parking level where i was parked, there was a girl standing right next to the automated parking machine reminding me to pay at the machine since there are no people working at the parking exit now. It used to be $1 for 3 hours. It is now $1 for each hour up to 4 hours. Ridiculous. I just went there to watch a really old movie that had been out for a while, not even at a discounted price. Now Beverly Center is trying to make a buck any way they can by charging that much for parking. I'm not too crazy about the stores either. I only like bloomingdales and h&m, but both stores are chains and located in other areas where the parking is free.