Thursday, January 24, 2008

Microsoft Natural Wireless Mouse 6000 Review

I refunded the Mx revolution over the weekend. I didn't really think anything special of it. I noticed the microsoft 6000 mouse was on sale half price for $35 (orig price $70) thru staples online this week until 1/26. Plus i had a staples customer appreciation coupon of 12% off almost anything. I purchased 2 so i can use one at work and one at home. The mouse takes some time getting used to since the mouse puts your thumb much higher than the typical so your wrist is slightly rotated higher. So far so good but my shoulder has to get used to it since it forces you to have better posture. I'm now thinking that the old mouse i had caused me to have shoulder and lower back pain since it forced my wrist lower (almost flat against on my desk) and shoulder to go forward. i hope this mouse works out. It uses AA batteries but the source locater is big and bulky with a long cord but can easily be hidden. Software was easier and faster to install than the logitech (mx revolution and mx 610) mice i tried.

update 6/5/08 - after using the microsoft mouse every business day (8 hours/day), i finally have to change the batteries (4 months). that's a pretty good battery life in my opinion.