Sunday, January 27, 2008

Genghis Cohen

First time I tried this restaurant - PF Changs type chinese food. Apparently, very popular with families and couples. Food was reasonably priced. Orange chicken and Kung pao chicken ($11) . Firecracker shrimp ($15). So-so taste. Ordered paper chicken with 4 pieces, firecracker shrimp and kung pao chicken. Paper chicken had way too much ginger (overpowered any other flavor) and very, very greasy. Kung pao chicken so- so taste and firecracker shrimp (apparently their most popular dish) tasted so-so. Firecracker shrimp tasted exactly like ketchup, fried with a little spice. If i ever go there again, I will try the orange chicken, my favorite, which i do like at pf changs. Most likely, i'll go to pf changs if i have a craving for orange chicken. Too bad this place was so disappointing.