Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happiest Country According to Social Science - 20/20

Social science ranks happiest country among 178 nations.
Iceland #4
France #63
Italy #50
USA #23
Denmark #1

5.5 Million People. Denmark pay 63% income taxes, but govt pays for all healthcare and education. They spend more money on children and elderly per capita than any other country. 9/10 are full blooded danish. Higher taxes are easier to pay if you know its going to someone who looks and thinks like you according to social science.
Bankers make just as much as artists. People don't choose careers based on income or status. Danish don't judge people based on their career (e.g. showed garbage man who enjoyed his job-5 hours per day and prince descendent learning carpentry).
Shopping/consuming not a priority. Danish trust each other and their govt. Mothers leave babies in strollers unattended outside cafes and most bicycles are left unlocked. Danish can afford cars but choose to ride bicycles that show no status.

Story was slightly bias but interesting.