Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars (DWTS). I have to admit I've been watching this show on and off for the past couple of seasons. Occasionally entertaining. This show has so much air time. Is it really necessary to have an hour long show on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday? I guess the ratings are pretty high. My tivo is so outdated and can only record one show at a time. I did not know that this show would be on (3rd day) the same time as the new show Back to You (2nd episode) which I missedm because tivo was recording the 1 hour elimation show of DWTS. Damn. I knew that Apollo Ohno was going to win last season on DWTS. You could tell Ian Ziering wanted to win desperately. I wish he had won. That's how bad I felt for him. It is a show for all ages. Unfortunately, they have a lot of wasteful time-fillers which drag the show. I like it much better than some other reality shows like American Idol which I saw last season. I still think Melinda should have one. Jordan was ok, Blake was awful in my opinion, so was his "style". Who did he appeal to?