Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fred Segal Sale-Everything 50% off

I stopped by the Fred Segal (FS) on Melrose on Friday afternoon and then Fred Segal in Santa Monica on Saturday afternoon. Some overlap, but different stores and selection of stuff at each Fred Segal since Fred Segal consists of many different boutique-like stores. Some of the prices are way overpriced like t-shirts at $100, with a sale price of $50. I would never spend more than $20 on a good quality t-shirt. I just purchase a whole bunch of long-sleeve crew neck and scoop neck t-shirts (mossimo) at Target for $7.99. It's not the softest t-shirt or the best quality, but I'm willing to compromise for the price. Pants/slacks were $150-300 original price. Shirts were $100-300. To be honest, it was rare to find anything less than $150 original price. You could tell that some clothes were made of cheap material and cheaply made, but it was still $200-300? Perhaps you're paying for the design? I'm such a hypocrite. I just paid $96.34 for a pair of jeans.

Fred segal boutique stores-jewelry, mens store, sunglasses, beauty, childrens, jeans, shoes, bags. Santa Monica FS has more boutiques at 2 separate buildings across the street from each other. I think the main boutique on Melrose had a better selection of clothing than any of the stores in Santa Monica, but as I only bought a pair of jeans. Clothing was scrunched together so tight in such a small space, it was hard to look at them and maneuver around with others shopping right next to you, plus blasting music. oh well, i'll probably re-visit next week when the prices are discounted even more. Usually, the discount at the end of the sale is almost 90% off, but you have to buy 5 items. At these prices with a discount plus 5 items, you still end up spending a couple hundred. oh well, it's only once a year.