Thursday, September 6, 2007

Take Out Food in Hollywood

Friend and I could not agree on a place to eat, so we ordered takeout from 2 very different places:

I ordered cheap takeout from Noshi Sushi on Beverly /Hobart. Didn't order sushi, just 2 orders of spicy tuna rolls. Each cut into 4 large pieces.Only $3 each, so total was $6. What a steal. Spicy tuna rolls are very good here. The rolls are large and have more spicy tuna than rice. Noshi has all types of rolls - spicy tuna, tuna, salmon, albacore, yellowtail, sweet teriyaki? glazed eel.

Friend ordered takeout from Marouch (middle-eastern food on Santa Monica Blvd, near Normandie). Beef sharwerma plate is enough to feed 2 people and is only $10. Plate comes with beef shawerma (meat quality is ok for the most part, better than some other places), tahini, radish, hummus, rice and 2 pita breads. Other middle-eastern food places I like to eat at in Hollywood:

Al Wazir - Corner of Hollywood and Gower. Sandwiches only $3-5. Food plates are $5-8 and come with choice of meat, hummus, small salad, 2 pita breads, lots of rice. Usually open until midnight.

Zankou Chicken - In east Hollywood on Sunset Blvd, near Normandie. Plates are similar as Al Wazir. Only $5-8.

Papa Cristo's (Greek food, not Middle-Eastern) - Pico and Normandie. Closes early at 8 pm. Next door is C&K Importing, a small market/grocery owned by the same family. Sandwiches $6. Grilled Lamb chops $15. Grilled baby octupus $8. Many items are grilled, not slow cooked like the shawerma items on the middle-eastern restaurant menus. The pita bread served with the plates are thicker and have a different consistency than the pita at the middle-eastern places.