Saturday, September 8, 2007

Downtown Car Wash (Corner of Olympic/Figueroa) - $5.00 in 5 Minutes

When I first purchased my car, I learned a little about detailing. I used to wash my own car twice a week.I purchased all the products and did it myself. I was told not to take it to the car wash, especially a machine car wash, because the brushes and towels would scratch the paint of the car. Supposedly, the rags the car wash employees use to wash and dry your car have dirt embedded in them which scratches the paint on the car. I also heard that when car wash employees dry your car, their belts may scratch your car. Talk about paranoia. I'm not as particular anymore. Anyway, I've been going to the Downtown Car Wash beginning earlier this year. It's so convenient. It's a machine car wash. They've just recently added an automated machine so you can pay while you are in your car; you don't even have to get out of your car anymore. Previously, you had to pay inside and a car wash employee would take your car thru the machine and another employee would dry it. Now, you take your car yourself thru the machine. The brushes are pretty harsh which I never realized until I took my car thru the machine myself. Oh well. After you drive out of the machine, a car wash employee wipes the excess water (not thoroughly though); your car is about 90% dry. They have many car wash other options, including detailing, but I always just get the $5 wash. It's $8 if you want them to vacuum your car for you, but you can use their vacuums for free with the $5 wash.

If you get the $5 wash, your car comes out clean enough (some dirt remains), but this car wash is fast and convenient.

Consumer Reports reported that most liquid scratch removers worked well for fine/light scratches (swirl marks) such as Turtle Wax Scratch and Swirl Remover, Quixx Repair System High Performance Scratch Remover, and Nu Finish Scratch Doctor but only the Quixx High Performance Scratch Remover ($21) worked well for deep scratches.