Friday, September 14, 2007

Tax on Shipping at Jcrew Sucks

5/15/07 - inquired about's policy on charging tax on shipping via email since have never before been charged tax on shipping charges at any other online company that I have placed orders from. Received the following response from a Jcrew customer service representative:

"We charge sales tax on shipping charges whenever we are charging sales tax for the merchandise on the order. This is based on a guideline given to us a few years ago by the FTC stating that shipping and handling is a taxable service."

Since I found out this information, I only order if I find a free shipping online code. Jcrew shipping costs can be high (see below). Also Jcrew shipping is free if you order/call from an actual Jcrew store. US Shipping Costs
Up to $25: $5.95
$25-50: $7.95
$50-75: $9.95
$75-100: $11.95
$100-150: $13.95
$150-200: $14.95
$200-250: $16.95$250 and up: $17.95

They should state the tax on shipping in their policies clearly. I didn't see it the "Shipping and Handling" Jcrew link.